Who We Are

The McGowan Companies

Over 50 years of exceptional service in the insurance industry.

The McGowan Companies

Our core insurance operations consist of McGowan Program Administrators (MPA), McGowan Excess & Casualty (MEC), McGowan, Donnelly & Oberheu, LLC (MDO), McGowan Governmental Underwriters (MGU), and McGowan Risk Specialists (MRS).

Looking forward into the future and finding even better and more inventive ways to service our customers will always be our goal; however our innate ability to do that comes from over half a century as an industry leader, growing ever stronger with each passing day.  Our history is what shapes our future.

Over 50 years ago, a handful of people hacked away on typewriters and yapped on corded phones in a multi-story brick office building on the west side of Cleveland.  This small group of forward thinking traditionalists, including Thomas B. McGowan, pioneered the development and beginnings of many of the fantastic products we carry now, and set the bar for the level of service, ingenuity and integrity that are still practiced today.

Focusing on emerging trends in software, data management and security advances, The McGowan Companies had no choice but to do away with the typewriters and corded desk phones, but that’s about all that was given up from the company’s humble roots.  The McGowan Companies has managed to perfect the marriage of dynamic technological capabilities with non-automated, genuine, honest, personal service.

It’s not hard to see how we have become the industry leader for specialized insurance programs.  Boasting the full in-house authority to underwrite, rate, quote, bind and issue policies on behalf of National “A” Rated Carriers, processed with state-of-the-art technology, combined with the distinctive service only achievable by over 50 years of cultivation and growth, it’s clear that The McGowan Companies have perfected the recipe for servicing your specialized insurance needs.